In this phase we focus on understanding the customer’s current and/or future requirements based on carious parameters like industry, location, etc.

We address the design of physical, logical and operational information infrastructures. These services involve detailing the specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve customers objectives. We generate a set of working papers that identify the specific technologies to be used and how these technologies will be configured and implemented. These services also take into consideration how the new technology will integrate into the customers existing hardware and software and how it will be managed on an ongoing basis.


Examples of AKN services in the design phase include:

  • Defining functional requirements;
  • Preparing single/multi-vendor set-up and configuration plans;
  • Preparing technical design documentation;
  • Preparing specifications and documents;
  • Preparing RFP specifications or other make/buy criteria; and
  • Providing detailed Bill of Material with warranty plan.
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    In this phase we focus on understanding the customers requirement inline with their price budget and the warranty support required.

    A solution will be presented to provide the best solution with Low COI and high ROI.

    With our experience of working with multiple brands of various IT & communication products we give a complete BOQ having presales and post sales support at multiple locations in the country.

    Our branch network extends the support for all the projects executed with prompt post sale support either with the stocks of OEM service centres or our service inventory.

    Providing detailed Bill of Materials with warranty certificates.


    This segment of process includes high value-added services and traditional system installation functions, such as hardware/software installation. AKN is experienced in installing new systems without disrupting ongoing business operations, thereby adding value and reducing risk to customers.

    We customize an implementation plan for each customer, which may include the following activities:

  • ◆ Project management;
  • ◆ Integrating new hardware and software products and systems;
  • ◆ Preparing installation documentation, conformance testing and compliance certification;
  • ◆ Building computer operations and management centres; and
  • ◆ Re-configuring and upgrading network elements, systems and facilities.
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    In this phase we will be deploying onsite manpower for 24/7 operations without any interruption

    It includes day-to-day maintenance, periodical servicing and preventive maintenance as per relevant standards and practices to maintain the system without any interruption


    Due to the ever-changing technologies and improved Cyber security standards, typical useful life of IT Network solutions is 7-10 years. In this phase we suggest the customers partial to full upgradation of the complete system for smooth transition from old to new system.